All available profiles are shown below, along with a selection of letters of thanks. We hope they offer inspiration to students who may apply in future and demonstrate how vitally important it is to continue helping Canadian scholars who are pursuing their postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. To view a list of all past CCSF scholars, click here.

Profiles of 2018-2019 Award Winners

Robert Gorwa
Kaleem Hawa
Claire Horn
Alice Musabende
Christopher Palameta
Hanna Smyth
Bo Zhang

Profiles of Previous Award Winners

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“This award represents a lot to my personal, academic and professional career. It means that I will be able to continue pursuing my postgraduate studies in London but most importantly it means that I will be able to concentrate on my studies and achieve the level of excellence that is expected from the Design Products program at the Royal College of Art. Winning the Maple Leaf Trust Diamond Anniversary Scholarship gives me great motivation for continuing my work and I will proudly carry this award with me for the rest of my life. I am proud to be Canadian, passionate about design and driven to use my creativity to make a positive impact in the world. I would like to thank the Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund, The Maple Leaf Trust and the Canadian Women’s Club and specially the members of committee, trustees, donors and supporters for investing in the development of future Canadian talents.” – Mauricio Affonso, 2012 CCSF Scholar

“It is a great honor to have been selected as the recipient of the Canadian Centennial Scholarship and to represent Canada within the UK academic community and beyond. This award is yet another indication of Canada’s commitment to supporting excellence that can contribute to the betterment of our community back home and globally in face of the unique challenges of our century. With the support of this award, yet another symbol of the support of my country and community, I look forward to making such contributions and living up to this invaluable premise.” – Parisa Bastani, writing a PhD in Economics at Cambridge, 2013 CCSF Scholar