Lauren Rotenberg

Lauren Rotenberg was awarded a CCSF scholarship in 2012 while pursuing her PhD in History of Art at University College London.

Lauren’s passion for art emerged at an early age; she painted and sculpted growing up in Toronto and soon after undertook her Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Art History and North American Studies at McGill University in Montreal.

Lauren’s fascination with art and determination to work in the industry inspired her to explore professional opportunities during the summer of her third year at McGill. With her CV in hand, she went from gallery to gallery in the Yorkville area of Toronto looking for work.

After repeatedly being told “we’re not hiring,” she knocked on the final door  -Heffel Fine Art Auction House and Gallery. The owner happened to be in and, following an animated discussion about a painting displayed in the gallery, offered Lauren a job the next day.

Lauren Rotenburg in 2017

Lauren continued to work for Heffel through her final year at McGill, where she helped launch the auction house’s new branch in Montreal. After graduating, Lauren returned to work at the auction house in Toronto, and this experience solidified her commitment to pursue a career in the art world.

However Lauren missed the deeper academic engagement with art and, after taking time off to travel, enrolled at University College London to undertake her Masters in History of Art.

In recognition of her outstanding academic achievement, University College London offered Lauren a rare full scholarship to pursue PhD research, which covered full tuition and living expenses. This funding enabled Lauren to follow her dream of immersing herself in the study of contemporary art within the global art world capital of London. This funding did not cover Lauren’s final year of writing up her thesis, and she was very grateful to receive CCSF scholarship support during this period of completing of her PhD.

After graduating, Lauren joined the renowned Sotheby’s Institute of Art in central London as a Lecturer in the MA Contemporary Art Department. Her specialty is in contemporary art since the 1990s, with a focus on the intersection of art, politics and social change.

Sotheby’s Institute of Art is unique in that it educates art world professionals and prepares students for careers in the international art world. Given her academic prowess and practical experience as an art world professional, this is an area in which Lauren excels.

Today Lauren enjoys a multi-faceted career immersed in London’s dynamic contemporary art community. Beyond Sotheby’s Institute, Lauren lectures, curates, writes and advises clients building contemporary art collections. She also enjoys the social side of connecting with artists, gallerists, academics, and collectors, and travelling to see major collections and art exhibitions across Europe.


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March 15, 2017