The CCSF 2018-2019 Scholarship competition (deadline 9 March 2018) is now closed.
Information provided on these pages may be revised for future competitions.

Please read the following Frequently Asked Questions carefully before submitting your application and before contacting us. You can also download the FAQs 2018 document in PDF (41KB).

To provide some clarification of the eligibility criteria and application process, and based on real questions we’ve received in the past, we trust that these FAQs help. If you are still unsure if your application will be considered you may contact the CCSF at scholarship@canadianscholarshipfund.co.uk. Please note that we volunteer our time to the CCSF, and it may take several days to prepare a response to your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: I am currently enrolled in a one year Masters course in the UK and may do a PhD in future. Can I apply for CCSF funding now so that the money can be used to help with my PhD fees?

No. The CCSF will only look at applications for students who are currently undertaking a full- time, multi-year postgraduate programme. Students enrolled in a one year Masters programme are not eligible. Even if you have obtained assurance of a place for your PhD, you can apply only once you have started.

FAQ 2: I am doing a two-year postgraduate programme and will finish in June. I understand that although interviews are held in May, funds aren’t awarded until September. Am I still eligible?

No. To be eligible, applicants must be returning to their current programme of study the next academic year with a minimum of one full time term remaining

FAQ 3: One of my referees is doing fieldwork abroad. Can his/her reference be sent from their personal email?

Yes. The CCSF will receive a letter of support from referees from either their professional or personal email address. All referees must submit a separate word doc/PDF file including their name, affiliation and contact details on university or college letterhead. Referees are required to email their letters of support direct to: scholarship@canadianscholarshipfund.co.uk. You may wish to gather more than two references if you think one may be late, but please only submit two.

FAQ 4: The website says that students must be available for interview in London at a specific time, but I’m not sure if I can commit to that at the moment as I’m based outside London. Can interviews be held using Skype or via videoconferencing?

A face to face interview is a fundamental requirement for eligibility. Remote interviews are not permitted. The CCSF will refund travel expenses from the short-listed candidate’s UK study location to the interview location in Central London (from within the UK). We ask that all candidates endeavour to secure the best possible travel fares. If you cannot attend the interview, you are more than welcome to apply again in future.

FAQ 5: I meet all the eligibility requirements and will apply, but I am having financial problems now. When will the CCSF notify successful applicants and can the CCSF help with emergency funds?

The CCSF is not able to provide emergency funds. Students should contact their course/university advisors to discuss options for obtaining emergency financial assistance.

Approximately one month after the closing date for applications, short-listed students will be invited to attend an interview, scheduled for mid May. Successful students will be notified by the end of June. Payment of the award will be made at the end of September.

FAQ 6: I have seen the website but the deadline for applications hasn’t yet been announced. Can I start the process by using the application form from last year?

The revised application form, together with the deadline date is publicised on the CCSF website by end of November or first week of December each year. Please note that eligibility rules may also be adjusted at that time so it is imperative that you read all information available. The deadline is likely to be early March.

FAQ 7: I have undertaken several undergraduate degrees. Do you need official transcripts for all past degrees completed?

We require you to provide us with an electronic copy (JPG or PDF) of your official transcript for your most recently completed degree.

FAQ 8: Do references need to be related to my programme of study?

At least one of the two references needs to be from your current supervisor and both need to be recent. The second reference should ideally be either directly involved in your current programme of study or have been involved in your previous study.

FAQ 9: It would save me time if I could submit my standard CV but it is 6 A4 pages. I don’t wish to lower the chance of my success by cutting out relevant information. Is this OK?

You’ll note that on the application form, we state a preference for a short CV. Although academic CVs may be longer, it would be sufficient to state your most recent articles/exhibitions/concerts etc, with an indication of the total number over the years.

FAQ 10: Can I submit my application in French?

Bien sûr. Nous sommes heureux d’accepter toute demande d’application rédigée en français.