Awards 2010-2011

The following table shows award winners (in alphabetical order), along with their home province, previous degrees achieved, degree currently being sought and study area.

Eleanor von AderkasProvince:British ColumbiaCurrent study area: Diploma, Easel Painting Conservation, Hamilton Kerr Institute at the University of Cambridge

Previous degree: BSc in Chemistry, McGill University

Eleanor is interested in applying spectroscopic analysis to the history of artwork. In her 3rd year she will reproduce a painting with an emphasis on using the media available to the artist. She also received CCSF funding in 2009-2010.

Rochelle BurgessProvince:OntarioCurrent study area: PhD Social Psychology, LSE

Previous degrees: MSc Health, Community and Development, LSE; Hon. BSc Psychology, McMaster University

Rochelle’s research explores the delivery of mental health services in the context of HIV/AIDS and social adversity. She will be carrying out field work in South Africa.

Sarah CaldwellProvince: British ColumbiaCurrent study area: DPhil Public Health Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Previous degrees: MA Political Science, comparative social policy, University of Toronto; BA History and Sociology, University of Victoria.

Sarah is studying evidence-informed decision-making and the implications for its use in setting public health policy.

Jeffery ChaseProvince:British ColumbiaCurrent study area: PhD Geography, Urban Planning, Newcastle University

Previous degrees: BA International Relations, University of Victoria; MA Urban Planning, University of British Columbia

Jeffery’s research is concerned with peace and urban planning in post-conflict communities. He will be conducting his research in Phnom Penh.

Charis Cheungwas awarded the Belle Shenkman Award for the ArtsProvince: British Columbia

Current study area: MMUS Advanced Piano Performance, Royal College of Music

Previous degree: BMUS, Piano Performance, University of British Columbia

Nora DanielsonProvince:British ColumbiaCurrent study area: DPhil Social & Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford

Previous degrees: BA Politics & Philosophy, Evergreen State College, MPhil Migration Studies, University of Oxford

Nora’s work asks, what is the relationship between migrant populations, host societies and refugee assistance bodies?

Kyle HiebertProvince: AlbertaCurrent study area: PhD Religions and Theology, University of Manchester

Previous degrees: B.Theology, Canadian Mennonite University; HBA Philosophy, University of Toronto; MA Theology, University of Nottingham

Kyle’s research is centered on the intersection of religion and politics and what is required for a political theology that aims to exemplify peaceableness.

David HitchcockDavid was named as the winner of the Mary LeMessurier Award for History.Province: Ontario

Current study area: PhD History, University of Warwick

Previous degrees: BA and MA in History, both at the University of Ottawa

David’s research is on Vagabonds and Pauper Mobility: 1660-1744 and seeks to contribute to our knowledge of the experiences, representation, and contemporary understandings of the mobile poor.

David MatyasProvince: OntarioCurrent study area: MPhil Development Studies (Int’l Dev), University of Oxford

Previous degree: BSc, Political Science, McMaster University

David is investigating community vulnerability to climate change/weather unpredictability and risk-smoothing mechanisms. He will be conducting field research in Ethiopia to look at formal and informal insurance schemes.

Fiona McDonaldProvince: AlbertaCurrent study area: PhD Anthropology, University College London

Previous degrees: Grad. Diploma Maori Studies, Univ of Auckland; Bachelor and Master of Arts in History of Art, Univ of Alberta; Graduate Teaching Certificate, Univ of Alberta

Fiona is examining the role of material goods (such as blankets) in Indigenous-settler relations in colonial trade.

Karin von OmptedaProvince: OntarioCurrent study area: PhD Communication Art & Design, Royal College of Art

Previous degrees: Bachelor of Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design; Master of Science at the University of Toronto; Bachelor of Science, McGill University

Karin’s doctoral research is focused on typeface legibility for people with visual impairments.

Michael UrbanProvince: ManitobaCurrent study area: DPhil International Relations, University of Oxford

Previous degrees: BA (Politics and History) Queen’s University; MA Int’l Affairs, Carleton University; MPhil International Relations, University of Oxford

Michael is examining the democratic peace theory and the concept of ‘trust’ and its importance in inter-state relations.

Esther ValliantProvince: OntarioCurrent study area: PhD Biomaterials, Imperial College, London

Previous degree: BA Applied Sciences (Chemical Engineering), Queen’s University

Esther’s goal is to create an artificial material that can be used as a bioactive scaffold for bone tissue engineering that will replace the need for bone transfers that may be rejected or cause infection.

Grant WickhamProvince: AlbertaCurrent study area: PhD Medicine – Cancer Research, University of Glasgow

Previous degrees: BSc and MSc, both in Pharmacology at the University of Alberta

Grant is examining the biological importance of cancer derived mutations of the protein ROCK1 to better understand the effects of the mutation on cancer growth and metastasis.

Eric WoodsProvince: SaskatchewanCurrent study area: PhD Political Science, LSE

Previous degrees: BA International Studies; MA Political Studies, both at the University of Saskatoon

Eric’s PhD thesis addresses the meaning of the genre of political apologies offered to Aboriginal People in Canada for the Indian Residential Schools and their cultural impetus.

York ZheungProvince: OntarioCurrent study area: PhD Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

Previous degree: BA Applied Sciences, Geological Engineering, University of Waterloo

York’s research seeks to quantify fluid extraction using waveform inversion and seismic imaging techniques to monitor fluid migration and rock deformation during the life span of an oil reservoir.

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